Thriving Thursday: Connie Curtis Shares Her Gluten-Free Story

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Thriving Thursday is where Progressive Nectar community members share their health story and what led them on a special-diet food journey. It’s wonderful to learn from one another and even better to know you are not alone.  Today, Connie Curtis, The Gluten and Food Allergy Specialist, shares her story and her food allergies. She is a wonderful gluten-free resource for lifestyle change.

Here’s  Connie’s Story:

Connie CurtisAbout 9 years ago, I moved to Austin, TX. For several years I was hungry all the 
time, stressed out, tired, foggy headed and experienced cold hands and feet often. 
I figured these feeling were a culmination of  life situations—my dad’s recent death, my divorce and hating my job. Not to mention, the overall everyday stress. I was miserable and unable
to find a happy place. I needed help, I just didn’t know what, yet.

After meeting one of my best friends, Tobin, I was eating out a lot. One weekend, he and I devoured a pizza and some pasta. Then, on Monday, I ate crab cakes at work. That night I had horrible abdominal cramps, nausea, and a headache. I couldn’t do anything. The next day, Tobin suggested that I take gluten out of my diet for a couple of weeks, because he had a friend that couldn’t tolerate it and had some similar symptoms. I didn’t know what that meant really, or anything about excluding gluten. I said, “It’s worth a shot.”

After 2 weeks of being gluten free, I tried a cinnamon roll. 30 minutes later, I was sick and in agony. Immediately, I knew that it was the gluten that had made me so ill. I went to the doctor and they helped me, some. One helped me discover that I am allergic to milk and corn, that I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and that I was celiac. While this was very helpful information, they also proceeded to give me vitamins that didn’t work. Unfortunately, I remained sick.

I asked another doctor to do a food allergy test and they said I didn’t need it. “?” Next, I asked another doctor and they ran a food allergy test that was confusing and had no consistent results.

Two of the doctors gave me more vitamins, one contained a food that I was
actually allergic to. Taking out of my diet, the certain things that I was
allergic to, wasn’t helping. At that point, I knew I needed to do more than that.

Studying and learning for hours and hours and researching for weeks, I finally found my current doctor, Dr. Osborne, who seemed like my best bet for a specialist on gluten. He did tests on metals, candida, vitamin deficiency and a food allergy test called E.L.S.A. This was definitely more involved and thorough testing, that any I’d had before.

Various, elaborate testing was done, to see what affected my gut health. Eventually, we gathered all the information we needed to begin my journey to wellness. I followed the Dr.’s protocols. Finally, I was able to get on the right track by removing my specific food sensitivities. These included gluten, milk, corn, pork, rice, Brazil nuts and apricot.

These personal, invasive ingredients were no longer in any of my skin care
products, as I threw them out and started over. Healing my gut issues was an
 important step in the process. It was a necessary evil to rid myself of years of 
toxins and chemicals that had accumulated. What a refreshing, necessary and 
unavoidable challenge. My Hashimoto’s went into remission and I healed my leaky gut.

Only then did I start to feel better. 5 years! Getting healthy took me five years, but 
I wouldn’t change a thing. Learning as I went by doing my own research
 and discovering the right doctor, for my health, and me helped me realize 
I needed and wanted to help others.

Soon, I started a coaching business, so I could put all of my new-found knowledge
to work. I could take that burden off of sufferers and help them heal. Those who 
discover gluten intolerance and food allergies, can regain health sooner and
less painfully, than my process was. My education and experience can lead 
others down this path to good health with everyday basics. I can help them go
 from just surviving to overall thriving.


Visit Connie at   and learn from her.  Click here for a special informative gift: 

adminThriving Thursday: Connie Curtis Shares Her Gluten-Free Story

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