Wellness Wednesday::Tomatoes Support Better Bone Health

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Recently, some researchers have connected tomatoes in the support of over-all bone health due to their rich lycopene content.  Lycopene is an sought after antioxidant. Tomatoes are also know to support a healthy heart and help lower total cholesterol.

There are literally hundreds of different tomato varieties to choose from. Some in particular are known for a higher antioxidant value than others. Here are a few high ranking tomatoes to keep an eye out for: New Girl, Jet Star, Fantastic, and First Lady.

So, whether you grow your own, buy them from a local farm stand or your neighborhood market, keep your eyes on the type of tomato you buy for more than just flavor and texture, consider the nutrient density too. Check out our delicious Tomato & Red Pepper Soup recipe below. It’s a great way for your whole family to eat tomatoes.

Slowcooked Tomato Red Pepper Soup***

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adminWellness Wednesday::Tomatoes Support Better Bone Health

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